Speed up your lightroom workflow

Speed up your Lightroom export!

Guest article by Karlis Kalnins. Every update for Adobe Lightroom comes with hopes for performance improvements, but results in disappointment. Everyday image editing of RAW-files as well as importing and exporting media can take up an excessive amount of time. While I unwind from my latest wedding reportage, my computer already spends night and day[…]

Quick Tip: Fast culling with a game controller

As you all probably know ProImageEditors don’t only offer image editing, but also selection services. You can save a lot of time if you decide to let us do the culling and editing for you. But should you still prefer to do the culling by yourself, because you like it so much or just have the time, today we have a great guest article by Karlis: You can use a game controller to do the culling with Lightroom or Photo Mechanic! So let’s see how it works …