Culling, Color Correction & Retouching for Kindergarten and School photos


Getting the perfect shot with children is a time-consuming process. Successful photographers understand the essence of time since the final pictures needs to be delivered fast. Outsourcing your image editing gives you more time to focus on your shoots and expand your business faster. This is only a snapshot of what we offer. For our full list of services please click here.

Cull & Color

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  • Turnaround: 5 business days (depending on order briefing)
  • Selection of 1-18 of the best images from a series
  • Low-price alternative for images with consistent quality
  • Color correction in Adobe Lightroom
  • Simplification of the mailing process
  • Provision for sale
  • Different express delivery options available
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Custom Retouching

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  • Turnaround: timing provided with custom quote
  • Custom quote for advanced Photoshop services
  • A simple and flexible way for special retouch requests
  • Adding people or objects
  • Swapping people or objects
  • Removal of people or objects from the image
  • Changing the background
  • Please note: requesting a quote is free of charge
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LR/C1 Retouching

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  • Turnaround: 2 business days (depending on order briefing)
  • Basic retouching in Adobe Lightroom & Capture One
  • Clean-up of minor imperfections
  • Removal of flyaway hair
  • Teeth whitening
  • Removal of sensor spots & dust
  • Optional: Color correction
  • Please note: Retouch possibilities in Lightroom are limited!
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Photoshop Retouching

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  • Turnaround: 2 business days (depending on order briefing)
  • Retouches in Photoshop for school and kindergarten images
  • For portraits or group shots
  • Removal of stains on clothing
  • Softening of skin & removal of skin imperfections
  • Teeth & eye whitening
  • Removal of flyaway hair
  • Optional: Color correction
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A few examples of our work. For a larger display, please click on one of the images below.
Please note: Through outsourcing, you don’t lose control over your editing style!
We work according to your requirements and are looking forward to your reference images.
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