May 9, 2015


Do you offer a Free Trial?
Yes we do offer free trial for Retouching and Color Correction service.
Consider PIE as an extension of your personal team of editors. You may need to give us feedback just as the way you would brief or give feedback to your personal team.

Which procedure or workflow is recommended by PIE?

ProImageEditors can adapt to any individual workflow. But often there are set workflows that photographers opt for, that are useful and eases their work. To help simplify this further, we have made a video which explains the process of transferring images to the computer, creating Smart Previews, selecting & pre-processing images.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, register for free with ProImageEditors. Following which, your account will be checked and activated by our team. An email will be sent to you in this regard. Once you receive it, you can log into your account and place an order. Please note that this may take up to 24 hours.
Check out this video to find out how quickly an order can be placed.

Can I save my preferred settings for future orders?

Yes. You do not have to keep selecting your preferred settings every time you place an order! You have the option of saving these settings as a template and then using that template for all your future orders.
Note: It is very important though that you double check the settings saved in the template and make sure that they are still relevant for your current order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ProImageEditors Services

How can I brief PIE about my editing style?

There are several ways in which you can inform us about your editing requirements:

  • Send us a link of your site, blog or portfolio. Our team will analyze your images and process your order based on your style.
  • You can send us sample images in low resolution, either of a complete wedding or images before & after editing, to replicate your editing style.
  • You can send us an email or describe your editing style in the job instructions in the order form, mentioning as many details as you like.
  • Send us one of your (edited) Lightroom catalogs along with the Smart Previews. It can be a complete wedding or just 20 to 50 images to exhibit your style and the entire workflow.
  • You can send in your customized Lightroom Presets along with the catalog.
  • For each order you have the option of receiving 10 job samples, wherein you can send us a feedback for us to understand your editing style.
  • If your style changes in future, please do not forget to notify us about it.

Your images are always processed according to your instructions. Some of these points are discussed in the video below.

How can I communicate with the PIE team after placing an order?
You can send us feedback for your order through the system instead of emails. Once you have placed an order, you can easily communicate with production and the customer service team through the comments box while the order is in progress. You also can add links to reference images!
This will simplify communicating with the team and you will be able to see all the relevant information for that particular order, all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ProImageEditors Services

What should be the input file format and what will be the delivered output?
Color correction: As we work in Lightroom, the expected input is Lr catalog + smart previews. The output file format will be Lr catalog.
If you do not use Lightroom you have the option of sending us RAWs. The output in such cases would be XMP or JPEGs (at an additional cost).

Retouching: The preferred input format is a RAW file since it contains more information. The images will be delivered as TIFF, JPEG or PSDs with or without layers (on request).

Do you prefer RAW compared to JPEG?

A RAW file contains more information than a JPEG which means that the team has more information to work with and the output results are much better. Especially in case of retouching orders, we would prefer RAW files. However, in case of weddings, events and other color correction orders all we need are Smart-Previews.

How do I upload my Images?

After you login to your account, go to “Orders” and look for the image upload button at the side of your order. You have 3 options to upload your image.

Web Uploader: For files only. Each file should not be more than 100 MB. Drag and drop your files here and the uploader will do the rest including notifying the production team that you have completed the upload.

FTP: For Files, Folders & Smart Previews. You need to click “Confirm” once you have uploaded your files.

Link: Upload your images to Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc. and paste a link.

Multiple Links: You can upload multiple links for a particular order. This will help you upload images in multiple parts and from different sources.
Note: We can only start your order once we have received all your files. Make sure that the upload is complete before you submit a link for your order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ProImageEditors Services

How do I download my Images?

When your order is complete, you should receive an “Order Complete” email from production. Please click the “Download” button next to your order in the “My Orders” menu after logging in to your account.

Does 'Essential Edit' or 'PIE Select' include masking or retouching?

Both services are designed for advanced color correction and do not include masking or retouching.

Which version of Lightroom is recommended?

We always recommend having the latest version of Lightroom. The versions 5 and 6 / CC have some very useful updates. Smart Previews are supported from version 5.

How do Lightroom Smart Previews work?

The newest version of Lightroom allows for compressed previews of RAW images to be embedded
directly into the catalog. This allows a full selection of RAW, non-destructive editing to be done without
actually having the original images.

For you, this means:

  • You only need to send the exported catalog with the smart previews.
  • The data is 8 times smaller than the original images.
  • Upload is faster and a huge savings in bandwidth.

This is discussed in detail in the below videos.

How can I send Lightroom smart previews?
  • Create a new catalog and name it as per your order.
  • Import only those images in the catalog that you want to send to PIE.
  • Select all the images and click Library – Create Smart previews.
  • Send us the catalog (“.lrcat”) and the Smart Previews (“Smart Previews.lrdata”) files.

This procedure is discussed in detail in the video belows.

Can PIE work with my Lightroom presets?

Of course, you can send us your Lightroom Presets. We also own the latest VSCO presets as well as many others. So if you like, you can let us know your preferred presets. That way you need not have to send a preset across.

The below video explains this in detail.

How do I create a new catalog with Smart previews in Lightroom 5/6?
  • Create a new catalog. The name of the catalog should be “[ORDER NAME] LR5”.
  • Import only the images you are sending to PIE into this catalog.
  • Select all of the images, and click Library > Previews > Build Smart Previews.
  • Send both the catalog (ending in “.lrcat”) and the Smart Preview (ending in “Smart
    Previews.lrdata”) files.

This is discussed in detail in the below videos.

How do I process the catalog that I have received back from PIE?
  • Download, open, and unzip the catalog you received from PIE.
  • While in Library (Grid) mode, click the icon in the upper-right hand corner of a
    thumbnail image and locate that original RAW on your computer. LR will automatically
    find the rest of the images.
  • Wait for the previews to render.

Refer the below video for detailed process.

How do I know which are the selected images after I receive my PIE Select order back?
*If we receive an order with no labels, then:

  • The B/W images are labeled with 5 stars
  • The selected images are labeled with a flag

*If we receive an order with labels, then:

  • The B/W images are labeled in Blue
  • The selected images are put together in a separate collection named “Culled”

*If we receive an order with markings (for B/W images), then:

  • The B/W images are put together in a separate collection named “BW”
What if I am not satisfied with the editing and I need to provide you some feedback?

If you are not satisfied with the editing, you can submit a redo request by email and your job will
be redone for you at no extra cost.

All you need to do is:

  • Make sure that you are submitting a redo within 15 days of the order being completed.
  • Give us specific instructions on what you need to be redone.
  • Provide examples wherever you can

We will do our best to send the redone images back to you within 24 hours. We will also save your feedback in your profile for future orders.

It is important that you give us some time to adapt to your style. Unfortunately we cannot offer refund for an order, if no time is given for improvement / redo to us.

If you are unsure, you always have the option of receiving 10 job samples, wherein you can send us a feedback for us to understand your editing style. In addition, basic style changes or the use of presets should be sent to us BEFORE the order is being processed.

Feedback: PIE encourages you to provide feedback, which will further help us improve and fine tune our processes and quality being delivered back to you. All feedbacks along with your preferences and examples are stored in our central database against your client ID, to be observed and applied on all your future orders.

Check out the below video on this topic.

What is the Turnaround Time?
Color Correction:
5 business days

Express Delivery:
3 business days (maximum 1000 images per order)
36 business hours (maximum 300 images per order)

Basic Retouching:
50 images – around 48 business hours
100 images – around 4 business days

The turnaround time starts once we receive the order, the images and all information related to the order. Production start time will be 12 noon CET for all orders successfully uploaded before 12 noon. Productions start time for all orders received after 12 Noon CET will be the next business day.
Business days do not include Saturdays & Sundays.

Custom Retouching:
The turnaround time is provided along with the quote.

Do you do express deliveries?

We understand that photographers are very busy and have very specific deadlines. Therefore, we do offer express services at an additional cost.

How does PIE protect my personal work preferences and my editing style?

Every customer has his own editing style and work preferences, and we understand that these are valuable to him. Therefore all your personal preferences and editing styles are stored in a centralized database and protected against the use with other customer orders.

How does PIE protect my personal data and my files?

Following are some of the points that highlight the level of security for the staff and the data
stored at the production facility:

  • Client confidentiality maintained using client codes in communications with production.
  • In house ERP system allocates and retrieves files under production with all files being
    stored on a central server.
  • Copying, deleting of flies is domain controlled and password protected.
  • No external memory devices like USB thumb drives, passport drives and smart phones are
    permitted on the production facility.
  • A state of the art anti data leak policy to govern all files stored in-house.
  • Port blocking on all production machines and domain controlled to prevent any data
  • Internet access is only available to key staff.
  • Production machines are entirely isolated from the internet.
  • Extremely focused, self-motivated and customer service oriented staff.
  • 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring for all employees.
  • Combination of keycard and biometric access controlling all staff access at the facility.
  • Raw files are deleted after a period of 15 days from the day the order is delivered.
What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept payments through PayPal. You can simply connect your credit or debit cards to your PayPal account and use it to make payments to PIE.

You can refer to the following video for payment procedure and invoicing.

How to make an additional payment?
To make an additional payment please follow the below steps:

  • Login to your PIE account
  • On the Services page please click on “Make a Payment”
  • Enter the amount without the € sign in the “Custom Price” column.
What are PIE Credits?

PIE Credits is a simple and flexible way of making hassle free payments for your orders. Instead of paying for each transaction using your credit card, you can buy credits and use them as a form of payment for all your orders. You will also receive an invoice of the purchase.

How does it work?

  • Pre-buy Credits by clicking the “Add Funds” button in your profile.
  • Credits will be directly added to your account once the payment process is completed and can be used instantly.

How do I redeem them?
To redeem your Credits simply select “Use Credits” as Yes at checkout.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Credits once purchased are non-refundable.
  • Credits have no expiry and can be used till its value has been fully redeemed.
Will I receive an invoice from PIE?

An invoice will be generated after you complete the payment process. It will be available in your PIE account and will also be sent via e-mail.

You can refer to the following video for payment procedure and invoicing.

I am not able to find the service that I am looking for.
Do you have specific retouching requirements that are not covered in our standard retouching services list?
Custom retouching covers advanced Photoshop services like head swapping, background removal, skin smoothing, etc. You name it and we will do it.
Retouching is charged based on the amount of time it takes to process the image. This service is simple but flexible. The request for a quote is absolutely FREE. You can approve or reject the quote, no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ProImageEditors Services

On which days is the production team on leave or on a holiday?
The Customer Support and Production Team is available business days Monday – Friday, excluding the national holidays mentioned below.

Declared National Holidays
01-Jan-19 Tuesday – New Year`s Day
26-Jan-19 Saturday – Republic Day
21-Mar-19 Thursday – Holi
01-May-19 Wednesday – Labor Day
15-Aug-19 Thursday – Independence Day
02-Sep-19 Monday – Ganesh Chaturthi
02-Oct-19 Wednesday – Gandhi Jayanti
27-Oct-19 Sunday – Diwali
29-Oct-19  Tuesday – Diwali

All queries to customer support and deliveries of orders will be addressed by the team on the next business day.

Please have a look at our FAQs and feel free to contact us anytime!