5 tips for successful newborn photography.

Today’s guest editor is Sandra Gehmair writing about newborn photography. She lets you know how to master your next photo shoot with newborn babies.

Tips for newborn photography

I am excited to share my advice about newborn photography here on ProImageEditors.eu.

It is a great experience but also a challenge to capture babies in their very first days of life.

Newborn photography

Tip 1: When is the best time to photograph newborns?

The sooner after birth, the easier your newborn shooting is going to be! The longer you wait, the harder the task is going to be!

Your shooting should preferably take place within the first 14 days after birth. During this period, babies like to sleep for most of the time, which makes posing a great deal easier.

Babies can suffer from neonatal acne usually present between day 10 and 14 after birth. With the possibilities of image editing, however, this should be a minor issue. The services of ProImageEditors are just right this job.

photoshooting newborn

Tip 2: How to prepare parents for newborn photography?

A newborn photo shooting is a very special experience for many parents. They don’t know what to expect and are very excited.

Provide useful information for parents prior to the job so they feel in good hands. How does the process work? How long will it take? Tell them there will be enough time to breastfeed an change diapers.

Parents also need to know what items to bring and what is present in the studio.

My studio, for example, provides a radiant heater and a changing table for the babies.

Tips for newborn shootings

Tip 3: What do you need for a newborn photo shoot?

Invest in a posing bean bag used specifically for baby photography! A bean bag provides a safe and comfortable place to lie in. Its shape can also be adjusted easily to the baby’s position.

I like to put many layers of towels and blankets on top of the bean bag so the baby can lie softly. Also, use disposable layers to protect your blankets.

Setup for newborn shooting

You can also put small pillows in between the sheets to support the posing of the baby.

The main blanket lies on the very top

On the very top lies the main blanket that is attached to a background system. This setup allows me to retouch less afterwards.

Tip 4: What lenses and lighting should I use for newborn photography?

My favourite lens is a 24-70 mm f/2.8 lens and a macro lens to capture details like their tiny feet or eyelashes.

I like to utilize soft natural daylight from windows as well as daylight lamps or flashes if the situation demands it.

Newborn photography

Tip 5: Do everything to make the baby comfortable!

This sounds like a no-brainer, but there are a few things to consider for successful newborn photography. It is generally easier to handle a sleeping baby.

This makes for a more relaxing shoot and nicer poses. Make sure the environment is warm. Do not aim the radiant heater directly at the baby, but heat the room in general. Wear gloves if you got cold hands.

Additionally, I use white noise sounds. There are many apps available for download, simply search for ‚white noise‘ or ‚baby sleep‘.

What is white noise? It is the same sound that babies hear in the womb. Babies are reminded of the peaceful time before birth and may fall asleep easier. This only works for a short period of time after birth.

White Noise App

Baby photography

Surely there are many more things to know when it comes to baby photography.

Sandra Gehmair

Thanks to ProImageEditors for letting me share some of my tips!

Your Sandra Gehmair

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