visual language

3 quick tips for a stronger visual language

To achieve authentic photography it is important to condense emotions. Pictures that tell a story have a certain expression, a clear philosophy and a special visual language. These images are not irrelevant or created by chance. They have a clear right to exist because they represent something particular. They often pinpoint what other pictures fail to do: an emotion, an event or a unique moment. There are many ways for a photographer to create such images. Visual language is especially important for wedding photography. I would like to share 3 quick tips for a stronger visual language that carry my business from the beginning.
Maybe you are already using some of my advice. If not, today is the best day to start!

Photographer's Time

Image Editing Outsourced – Cost and Benefits

The International Society of professional and wedding photographers (ISPWP) has published a study about where wedding photographers spend most of their time.     According to this study a wedding photographer invests around 40% of working time into post processing and albums design. There is about four times less time spent on customers, and even less on marketing.[…]