Wedding Shoot: the Big Day!

As you know, wedding photography is one of the most stressful types of photography as it incorporates many other elements. These elements include group photos, close-ups, and action shots. We have pulled together the most useful wedding photo tips to achieve success, and a happy bride and groom!

Wedding photo tips

Here are some tips for unusual and beautiful wedding pictures:

Capturing special moments during weddings is not a simple task. The job of a wedding photographer is the toughest photography job in the world. The reason is obvious: there is no second attempt to get married. The emotional moments cannot be retrieved or restored. It is a wedding for which YOU are responsible. There are many people to please and even more special moments to capture. If you should miss the most critical moments, such as putting on the rings, cutting the cake, etc. then there is no second chance.

Here are some wedding photo tips to be a very successful wedding photographer:

  1. Improvise: Even if many discussions have taken place with the bride and groom, improvisation is part of every wedding shoot. These captured moments turn out to be even more special.
  2. Be prepared: A backup camera is necessary because if the primary camera fails, you have a replacement. Remember that this day cannot be repeated or re-enacted. The same applies to battery packs and memory cards. It’s better to pack too much than not enough – additionally, don’t forget a flash, light equipment, and a tripod.
  3. Move silently: “Don’t hear, don’t let, don’t speak” – that’s the motto for wedding photographers, especially in the church. Nothing is worse than photographers who disturb the quiet and emotional moments with a “click!” Sound. It is essential to adapt to the mood and to feel how much movement and clicking is appropriate.
  4. Focus on the bride & groom: The main person in a wedding shoot is the bride. So make sure you are always close to the bride. This applies to before, during, and after the ceremony. The bride is the star of every wedding. This is followed by the bride and groom as a couple.
  5. Capture the moment: Tell the wedding as a photo story (reportage). A critical component of this technique is to include the small details of the wedding. It is interesting to take a look behind the scenes later on. 

Below is a list of the things you should take pictures of that can be used as single photos or as backgrounds:

  • The wedding invitations
  • The decoration of the church, the carriage, the tables
  • The wedding dress on the chair or hanging / details of the wedding dress
  • The bridal veil – details of the veil
  • The bridal jewelry/bridal bouquet
  • Bride’s shoes
  • The rings/hands
  • The champagne glasses
  • Table cards or seating plan
  • Flower arrangement of the groom
  • Groom’s tie/top hat/bow tie vest

These are the most significant elements that must be captured. Follow these tips, and you will surely have a successful shoot.