Checklist for Wedding Photographers: People

Preparation is key. Before a wedding shoot, it is crucial to think about the “must-have” pictures.

Photo ideas for wedding photographers Photo ideas for wedding photographers


Here is the ultimate checklist for photo ideas for wedding photographers to ensure you have the best possible wedding shoot! Feel free to add possible picture ideas.


  • Wedding dress placed over a chair
  • Putting on (button up/close zipper) the dress
  • Bridal veil
  • Bridal band
  • Bridal jewelry
  • Close-up of bridal shoes sticking out from under the dress
  • The bride looks in a mirror
  • The bride looks out the window
  • Bride putting on makeup
  • Bride hugs parents
  • Bride hugs maid of honor
  • Bride and groom go to the wedding ceremony


  • Groom ties tie/bow tie
  • Groom shaves
  • Groom looks in the mirror
  • Groom looks out the window
  • Groom hugs his parents/siblings
  • Groom and his best man
  • Groom checks whether he has the wedding rings
  • Groom on the way to the wedding ceremony
  • Groom and the bridal bouquet

Before the wedding, it is vital to ask for a list of guests who should be photographed. It is useful to take pictures of any special props such as jewelry, objects, or other special events.

  • Children playing
  • Pastor/priest/choir
  • Group picture
  • People performing/performing in church or at a celebration
  • Bridal dance
  • The first kiss!
  • Guests
  • Spectators (as a crowd, if any)
  • Flower girl
  • Bridal parents
  • Groomsmen
  • Bridesmaids


  • Tossing the bridal bouquet (if it takes place)
  • Bridal games
  • Putting the rings on! 
  • Priest listens
  • The bride’s father leads the bride to the church
  • Groom waiting for the bride
  • The kiss! 
  • Wedding dance
  • Cutting the cake
  • Fireworks
  • Dressing/hairdressing the bride
  • Throw bridal bouquet
  • Departure of the newlyweds for their honeymoon

Registry Office:

  • Contingent
  • Shot from space (wide angle)
  • Registrar
  • Newlyweds
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Groomsmen
  • Parents
  • Signing the certificate
  • Congratulations
  • Champagne reception


  • Exterior of the church/wedding venue
  • Guests arriving
  • The decorated church (if possible beforehand)
  • Arrival of the groom
  • Guests in front of the church
  • Arrival of the bride
  • Bride moves in with groomsman
  • Organist/choir/soloist
  • Priest/pastor etc.
  • Newlyweds on the seats in front
  • Row with parents of groomsmen
  • Reading/sermon
  • Actual wedding ceremony
  • Singing
  • Excerpt from the church
  • Signature under the documents
  • Congratulations in front of the church
  • Altar
  • Close-up of the bride before she enters the church
  • The groom who sees the bride for the first time
  • Close-up of newlyweds making wedding vows
  • Ring exchange
  • Close up hands
  • Newlyweds outside (on the stairs)


  • Bridesmaids
  • Flower girl
  • Groomsmen (single/together)
  • Photos with the parents
  • Bride and groom’s table (also in advance)
  • Menu card with a laid table
  • Interactions
  • Performances and deposits
  • Newlyweds having a toast
  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • Possibly a few photos of the waiters or in the kitchen


  • DJ/band
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding waltz
  • Snapshots
  • Bride with father/father in law
  • Groom with mother in law

If you have more photo ideas for wedding photographers to add to the list, please contact us! We are looking forward to your feedback.