Why should I outsource my image editing?

Outsourcing has become more common in the photography industry, in the past few years. Based on our experience and feedback from our clients, photographers who outsource their images have reported a considerable improvement in their professional as well as personal lives. 

By investing in outsourcing, you can: 

  • Save time and use it for more important aspects of your business such as speaking to new clients, planning more shoots or just spending some extra time with your family.
  • Save money by comparing your hourly rate against the costs of outsourcing. Editing can take up to 12 hours or more. Can you afford to edit your images yourself at a hypothetical hourly rate of 8 EUR? Just think about it.
  • Provide images with higher quality. We can supply you with a quality which you can only match after having expensive training and years of experience. 

Last but not least: By outsourcing your image and video editing you can achieve a delivery time that you can otherwise hardly dream of – even at peak times. This gives you a significant advantage over your competition.