How do I create sessions or catalogs in Capture One?

When getting started in Capture One, one of the first things you’ll do is choose whether to create a new catalog or a new session as you prepare to import photos or begin a tethered shoot. A session can be used as a project container to store folder locations. Use the sessions function to organize all your work.

To create a new session:

  • Select File > New Session. (Alternatively, go to the Library Tool Tab and press the + icon located next to the Switch Session/Catalog menu). 
  • Name the Session.
  • Rename folders if desired.
  • Decide on the placement of the session folders. Please note: a tethered session will contain a Capture Folder.
  • Press OK. 

A catalog is the primary method of file organization and viewing in Capture One Pro. The location of the actual image files can be on any disc location but can also be placed inside the catalog file. Image files are located and accessed in the Library tool. Image files need to be imported into a catalog.

To create a new catalog:

  • To create a catalog go to > File menu > New Catalog.
  • Name the catalog.
  • Press OK