How does PIE protect my personal data and my files?

The following points highlight the level of security for staff and data stored at the production facilities of PIE:

  • Editor workstations are isolated from the internet. That means that there are no threats of viruses, hackers or unauthorized data transfers.
  • All premises are only accessible via a fingerprint scanner and a key card system.
  • All our production floors are video monitored.
  • Any storage system, e.g. USB sticks, external hard drives, etc. are forbidden on the production floors.
  • However, even if a storage system gets onto the production floor, it would not be possible to use it, as all the production machines have blocked connections (USB ports etc.).
  • All data is subject to a backup system.
  • The image editing personnel is not aware of the name or address of their customers – they only work with anonymous client codes.
  • All data is managed on a central server in Germany, and access rights are regulated through our administration software.
  • After the delivery of your order, you are able to download your files up to 15 days.