How do I upload my images?

After you log in to your account, go to “Orders” to get to the list of orders. Look for the image upload button on the side of your order. There are three different options to upload your RAW files or catalogues:

Web Uploader: For files only. Each file should not be more than 100 MB. Drag and drop your files to the uploader, and it will do the rest including notifying the production team that you have completed the upload.

FTP: For files, folders & Smart Previews. Make sure that you click “Confirm” once you have uploaded your files.

Link: Upload your images to Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc. and paste the link into the purchasing system.

Multiple Links: You can upload multiple links for a single order. This will help you upload images in multiple parts and from different sources.

Note: We can only start your order once we have received all your files. Make sure that the upload is completed before you submit a link to your order. For all three methods, we have created videos. Please have a look at them if you still have questions.

FAQ for ProImageEditors - Image Upload