LR/C1 Retouching

Lightroom Retouching, Image Editing Services

Service used: Lightroom/Capture One Retouching
Price: 0.50 EUR

¬†Retouching images of baby and pregnancy shoots are something that is very time-consuming. However, it can easily be handed over to someone else so you can focus on what’s really important – taking pictures.

Get your images retouched using Lightroom through this service. This includes:
– Minor flyaway hair and blemishes, sensor spots & dust.
– Minor teeth whitening
– Minor eye bag softening
– Color correction (optional)

Please note: Retouching using Lightroom has several limitations and only minor touch-ups can be done on the image using this tool. For more detailed retouching requirements please have a look at out other retouching services.

Feel free to use the slider below for before/after images!

  • Before-Lightroom/C1 Retouching
    After-Lightroom/C1 Retouching
    BeforeLightroom/C1 RetouchingAfter
  • Before- Lightroom/C1 Retouching
    After- Lightroom/C1 Retouching
    Before Lightroom/C1 RetouchingAfter