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Service used: Detailed Cutouts with Clipping Paths
Turnaround Time: 2 business days (depending on order briefing)
Price: 1.45 EUR per image

Available service options

Cutouts are a quick and easy possibility to isolate people or products onto a transparent background. Creating precise cutouts is very time-consuming and exhausting work – we are happy to help you out with that! Therefore, you have more time for other jobs, or you can spend more time with friends and family. Detailed cutouts with clipping paths are a more precise method of isolating the key object of an image. They can easily be applied to product images and are used when the quality of image isolation required is higher like for stock images or large prints. Additionally, options, like adding a shadow to the image, drop shadow or just plain reflection, are also possible.

Generally, we offer three different types of cutout complexity. With this variety, you can choose between different purposes, export formats, and optional additional services such as a quicker turnaround time. Have a look at our order entry system, to find out more about the different services or contact our customer service for additional questions you might have.

Workflow tips: To start the outsourcing of your image editing, we recommend our free trial. Additionally, you have the possibility of ordering a free of charge trial editing. This means that team will choose random images and edit them according to your briefing. Before they proceed to work on the whole batch, the team will send you some examples of their editing, which you will need to approve for them to move on with the rest. This option is convenient for the beginning – however, when all processing is running smoothly, it is no longer required and slows done your orders. Furthermore, we have a whole series of YouTube videos [here] available for you to learn more about our workflow.

Available service options Free Trials

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