Video Editing for Newborn Videos

Video Editing Services

Service used: Video Editing for Newborn Videos – Cinematic Video Editing
Turnaround Time: 10 to 30 business days (depending on editing style)
Price: 45.00 EUR per hour of raw material

Available service options

Capturing a babies memory on video is a unique and thoughtful idea. We offer different video editing styles based on their vast experience and exposure of editing hundreds of videos with editing style based on videographers needs ensuring an exceptional final cut. We calculate our rates per hour of raw material. You decide on the output.

We offer different styles of video editing:
– Documentary Video Editing Style
– Cinematic Video Editing Style
– Short Video Edits (less than 60 minutes)
– Custom Video Editing Style

Workflow tips: To start the outsourcing of your video editing for newborn videos, we recommend our free trial. Additionally, you have the possibility of ordering a free of charge trial editing. This means that team will choose random images and edit them according to your briefing. Before they proceed to work on the whole batch, the team will send you some examples of their editing, which you will need to approve for them to move on with the rest. This option is convenient for the beginning – however, when all processing is running smoothly, it is no longer required and slows done your orders. Furthermore, we have a whole series of YouTube videos [here] available for you to learn more about our workflow.

Available service optionsFree Trial

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