May 16, 2015


Testimonials – A peek at what our customers have to say.

“Uploaded 2 weddings to ProImageEditors before 10 am – which means lots of time to focus on other priorities. Ever since I outsourced my editing 3 years ago, I have peace of mind during wedding season and I L.O.V.E. it!”


Nadia Meli Testimonial Blog
Nadia Meli

“As a busy wedding photographer with a fast growing business, I found that a lot of my time was spent in front of Lightroom performing basic colour correction and adjustments. With the number of weddings I have booked for the summer months I feared I would struggle to keep on top of my editing and keep a reasonable delivery time to my clients. I wanted to find a better way. I needed to find a better way.
Having the essential editing done by PiE has saved me a lot of time as well as increase the overall consistency of my work. Like many small businesses, initially I was worried about the cost of outsourcing a task that I’m more than capable of doing myself. However, their prices are very reasonable and the time I have saved has allowed me to concentrate on other areas of my business as well as spend more time with my family. Having the support of PiE has given me the confidence to take on more work and better grow my business, in turn resulting in increased turnover and revenue.
If you want to save yourself hours of editing time per wedding then I would thoroughly recommend PiE.”

Martin Cheung

”I now have more time for my shoots, customer service, marketing and my private life, that too without any loss of quality of my work. Really awesome ! “                                                                 

Andreas Kowacsik

“I am very impressed at how the Proimageeditors team was able to come so close to my editing style. I now only need to add my “Final Touch” to my images. I can save a lot of my time and can also deliver better results.”

Patrick Ludolph