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According to the BWVISION Workflow

In a Nutshell

Take the tedious work out of your fine art workflow: with the fine art masking service by ProImageEditors and developed by Joel Tjintjelaar!  

ProImageEditors have been trained by Joel to provide you with the most accurate and refined masks possible. You can save hours of work with this service and start right into the creative part of fine art image editing. Let ProImageEditors create the necessary masks for you. These masks are the basis to precisely develop each aspect of your work.  

Watch the little video recorded by Joel to learn all about it!

Who We Are

Joel Tjintjelaar

About Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel Tjintjelaar is a fine art photographer, specialized in black and white, long exposure, architectural, landscape and still life photography.

Joel believes that fine art photography and art, in general, are about creating experiences to change perceptions and create awareness, sometimes on an aesthetic level, but preferably on a more profound level that changes how we see the world and contributes to a meaningful cause.

Joel has developed a digital B&W post-processing method that has been adopted by many B&W enthusiasts all over the world since 2011.

Joel teaches workshops and mentors students from all over the world on the art of B&W photography and is producing advanced B&W editing software panels for Photoshop since 2016.

To achieve Joel's particular style, a very detailed and perfectionist image editing is necessary. While Joel's Photoshop panels help to save a lot of time, the required masks for different parts of the architectural images might be tiresome - that is the reason why Joel and ProImageEditors teamed up and created a unique editing service! 

About ProImageEditors

ProImageEditors is a post-production service provider since 2005.  

The production office is based in Mumbai, India, with a company strength of 700 employees. PIE works with professional photographers and videographers across the globe, helping them to save time, money, and grow their business.  

The idea is simple: PIE provides image and video editing services through customized workflows based on your post-production needs.  

This provides customers with more time to focus on other aspects of the business or on creative aspects of photography.

If you like to learn more about ProImageEditors, you can download the brochure here.


Joel's Work

Aren't you familiar with Joel's photography yet? Here are a few examples of what Joel's output looks like. You can achieve the same level of results by using Joel's workflow for photography, the specific Photoshop panels, and PIE's services for masking.

With B&W Artisan Pro X Panel 1
With B&W Artisan Pro X Panel 4
With B&W Artisan Pro X Panel 3
With old iSGM method 2
With old iSGM method 5
With old iSGM method 3


Source Image

0. Shoot and analyze the images accordingly to the BWVISION tutorials.

Check the corresponding tutorials and info to learn more about the important aspects and preparation.

1. Select this service and use the order form.  

Please use the order form to start. Reach the form by logging into your PIE account and choose "BLACK & WHITE FINE ART MASKING" service. A price is not shown immediately as the workflow requires individual quotes. Name your order and use the comment section for job notes.

With notes

2. Send us a list of the masks you want or mark the different parts of the image.

Let us know which masks you need exactly. You can mark the areas in a preview file with colors and numbers. Submit it with the main files. Please mention the areas and precise indications as job notes - so the editors know exactly which masks you need.

3. Request a price quote.  

Submit your request - please don't worry - the request is free of charge.

Mask 1

4. Upload your RAW/Tiff/PSD file(s) and any other instructions you may have (e.g., notes on image).

In the next step, you can upload your files via your individual FTP account, our web uploader or your own cloud like Dropbox or WeTransfer. Just login with your FTP credentials e.g., in FileZilla, submit a link or upload in the browser. Don't forget to confirm that your upload is complete!

Mask 2

5. You will receive a price quote from us.

We will send you an email when the team checked your files and estimated the work. A typical price range for this can be approximately 40 Euros for 5 masks. The quote will be based on the number of masks, complexity, and the time taken to process the images. 

The request for a quote is absolutely free. You can approve or reject the quote, no strings attached.

Mask 3

6. Approve the price and pay for your order.  

Approve or decline the offer. Please keep in mind that the quote is not negotiable. Of course, you will recieve an invoice, and PayPal or credit cards are accepted as methods of payment.

Please note: if you selected the option "Job Samples - Yes, send me some samples" you will receive an email from ProImageEditors when your masking samples are ready to be reviewed. Please follow the instructions in the email to download the samples and give feedback.

Mask 5

7. The masks will be sent to you!  

The team will process the masks as quickly as possible. Usually, your images are processed within 3 business days - after you approved the quote and paid it. We will notify you when your order is done. You will be able to download the files through your order overview in your PIE account.

The editors not only create perfect masks for you but also soften the borders in a specific way - which is very important to avoid halos and fringing with Joel's high contrast workflow.

Final Image

8. Finalize your artwork!

According to your taste and Joel's workflow, you can now craft your image with perfect highlights, shadows, and contrasts!

By outsourcing the masking, you did save hours and hours of editing. This way, you can focus on the artistic and fun side of photography. Our customers also experience improvements in quality of masks after starting outsourcing with us. You get better results and more time!

Important: Random samples might be anonymously sent to Joel for quality control of masks and art direction of the team!

Start now!

To start, you only need a free account with ProImageEditors. No strings attached. ProImageEditors doesn't have any monthly fees or what so ever. You only pay per order after approving the quote.