May 9, 2015

Album Design

Wedding albums are high-margin products which you can offer your newlyweds. The creation of a good album design with the necessary layouts is a time-consuming process. With the expertise and exposure of creating hundreds of album designs for its clients the ProImageEditors team is able to deliver stunning quality album to its customers based on individual photographer needs.


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1. Traditional Album Design

This design has a clean and classic layout. Your pictures are arranged in a classical style and do not overlap. The background is white or black. 2 to 4 images per page.


2. Modern Album Design

This album design style grabs attention on several levels. We use a background image that highlights the shots that captures the unique moments and emotions. 2 to 6 images per page.


3. Smart Album Design

Simple and smart design templates for everyday events from full size albums to coffee table books with no extras.
Price: Album Design – 0,75 €/spread

Each variant includes:

  • Online proofing
  • 5 changes within 30 days after completion of the first styling


4. Gallery Album Design

This variant tells a story and conveys the mood in the foreground. “Less is more“ is the motto for this service package with very clear background. 1 to 3 images per page.
Price: Album Design – 8,76 €/spread

Each variant includes:

  • Customized templates
  • Online proofing
  • Unlimited changes within 30 days after completion of the first styling